Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Features - Layer of Haze

The fires in the west are creating a smoky haze that's graying the summer skies and distant mountains.  I've got to find some inspiration indoors on Etsy!

Grey and White Knit Purse
by N Fallon Design Studio

Night Owl Perfume
by Theme Fragrance

Crochet Headband
by JN Originals

Serpentine Necklace Earring Set
by Linda B's Jewelry

Fabric Wall Art
by Pasque Flower Creations

Smoky Days - late 19th century book
from Cynthia's Attic

I guess there was no escaping...


Janet Bocciardi is the owner and designer of Honey from the Bee Artisan Jewelry.  Her shop features many one of a kind designs inspired by her love of nature and travels around the world.  She creates for the woman who has a story to tell.  In her blog she shares her inspirations and what is dear to her.


AWJ said...

Oh, I love the fabric wall art! It gives me a nostalgic feeling. :)

BeadedTail said...

Lovely, hazy finds! Love Nancy's purse!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous theme! Thanks so much for featuring me!

Splendid Little Stars said...

wonderful smokey choices, Janet! There were fires in some of the parts of Canada I just visited. Amazing how that haze spreads for miles and miles.

Rose Clearfield said...

Great mix of items!

Memories for Life said...

Beautiful features!

pasqueflower said...

Great interpretation of the theme. I love Linda B's necklace.

Linda B said...

I'm a little behind the times. Thanks for including my necklace - I'm wearing it today.

storybeader said...

cute! I was just looking at LeAnn's ferris wheel... was going to do a treasury on wheels, and this was perfect! Not enough wheels in the team though... {:-D