The goal of Blogging Business Artisans (BBA) is to encourage, inspire, promote, and socialize with other creative entrepreneurs with a focus on social marketing. This is a moderated team and you find the application on our etsy team page.

The Blogging Business Artisans (BBA) is a moderated team. Your application will be reviewed by team leaders.

Before you join BBA, please note the team charter:

Members must be willing to participate in the core requirements of the team.
  1. Complete and blog on at least six of your own entries for a non-judged, monthly, themed challenge during the course of one year.
  2. Complete one team treasury each month. 
  3. Participate by promoting social activities and team events even if (when) not directly participating in them.
  4. Take part in the weekly thread on the team page on etsy. 
  5. Have at least 20 items listed in your copyright infringement-free etsy shop. 
  6. Have an updated family-friendly, copyright infringement-free blog with posts at least once per week, totaling at least eight (8) per month.

One warning notice will be given to members who cannot meet these requirements. Four times a year, membership status will be reviewed and team membership may be terminated in our effort to maintain a professional team for our businesses.  Most of all, remember to have fun while promoting your creative business!


  • There will be 12 monthly challenges with a given theme. As part of the BBA, you are to participate in at least six (6) challenges, blog about your entry, and link your URL (to the blog post) on the team blog 
  • Challenge entries do not have to be listed in your shop; this can be your opportunity to explore different media.  
  • Challenges are given out by the 5th of the month and will need to be posted on your blog and linked on the Team Blog (via linky tool) by the 26th of the month. The challenge and entries will then be posted on the team blog with appropriate links.


  • Complete one team treasury each month 
  • To be considered as a team treasury at least six (6) of the spots need to be filled by BBA members (this will change as the team grows)
  • Once you complete your treasury please share the link on the Monthly Treasury Thread and it will be posted on the team blog
 Upcoming Events:
Secret Santa -- details coming soon
BNR -- Participate in a BNR set up by a team leader by promoting it via your blog or other social media