Monday, August 14, 2017

August Mid-Month Blogging Business Artisans Featured Member Blog Posts

Late summer has been busy for Blogging Business Artisans team members! A trip to the World Trade Center, an open studio day, a wedding anniversary, workout gear favorites, a southpaw celebration, and DIY decorated dishes are all on the agenda for this mid-August featured member blog posts roundup!

Rose of random creative complied a list of Essential Workout Gear for Summer complete with reasons why each pick is a personal favorite.

Do you ever hold an open studio day? Duni of Duni’s Studio shared photos of her lovely setup for a recent Open Studio Day featuring items from her shop!

Did you know there's a day celebrating left-handed folks? Stop by Linda of LinorStore's post on Left-Handed Day to learn some interesting facts about southpaws!
Natasha of MermaidsWhispers's latest tutorial demonstrates how to make fun, colorful Food Safe Dishes with Alcohol Inks!

Sharla of Beaded Tail and her husband celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary this month! Stop by August 8 to see where and how they celebrated.

Have you visited Freedom Tower in NYC? If not, take a virtual tour with Pam of MagdaleneJewels and her World Trade Center post!

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