Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shipping with UPS - Small Business Tips

I had my first experience shipping with UPS recently and wanted to share my experience with you. After receiving a large order for 150 coasters, I started comparing rates online and found that UPS offered competitive rates for large/heavy packages.

Delivery Time Guarantee
One thing I really liked about UPS was their shipping time guarantee. My package cost $18.03 and was guaranteed to arrive in two days. In doing my research, I found that the same package mailed USPS Priority Mail would have cost $27.11 and would "generally" take 2-3 days to arrive but was not guaranteed.

Residential Pickups (and a fee)
One thing I do not like about UPS is that if you are shipping from a residence, there is a fee to have your package picked up at your house. I did find a drop off location that only charges $2 per package, but I had to bring the package to the location and pay the extra fee. One thing I love about the USPS is that they pick up almost all of my packages at my house saving me time and money.

Easy to Use
Overall, I like UPS as an option for large packages. It was very easy to set up an account and printing the label was much like using Paypal. And for some reason, I find UPS more "professional". Maybe that's just because my suppliers all use UPS? And I also recently found out that you can actually print a UPS label right through Paypal! There is a blue link right under the address area and above the shipping option to select another carrier and UPS is one of the options...makes it even easier!

Question: How do you ship your packages?

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Edi is the creative mind behind Memories for Life Scrapbooks (and Laser Engraving). She has been paper crafting for over 15 years and recently purchased a laser engraver that is keeping her creativity at an all time high!


Rose Clearfield said...

Great overview about UPS! I haven't shipped anything UPS, as most of my packages are 3 lbs or less, but I have received a number from them (such as supplies from ULine). The delivery times and and tracking features are awesome. The drop off and fee are downsides, but it's still good to know that this is a competitive option for heavy shipping.

riorita said...

I am expecting a shipment by UPS tomorrow morning! But I am not sure the terms are the same as where you live!

BeadedTail said...

Great review Edi! I've never used them yet since my packages have usually been small but I've wondered so I appreciate the information!

storybeader said...

that's great that you found the best shipping to use. I don't send a lot of packages, and they are usually small. I go straight to the post office. {:-D

Linda E. Pruitt said...

We usually don't use UPS, mostly because hubby and I ship his books media rate with USPS and that is cheap, and I ship small items, with not much weight and USPS is reasonable. Thanks for the info, if we every need it.

Anonymous said...

Hmn...I usually have lighter packages and am fine with using USPS first class. If I had heavier stuff though, there would definitely be some competition!

Ali Puckett said...

UPS does seem like it's the best option for very large packages. It's the pick-up fee for residential locations that keeps me away from using normally them too.