Monday, November 14, 2011

Artisan Spotlight -- Knit, Nicole, Knit!

7 Questions is our spotlight on our favorite artisans. Please welcome...
Nicole, creator of Knit, Nicole, Knit!

1. What do you sell in your shop?
I've been a seller since March, 2011. I sell hand knit accessories such as scarves, cowls, shawls and neck warmers. I've also been making button earrings, and selling quite a few of those.

2.  What is your favorite thing about etsy?
I absolutely love the variety of items on Etsy. Everything from socks to caramel to toys and clothes, if it's handmade, I can find it on Etsy. There are so many neat things I've discovered this way.

3.  What is your least favorite thing about etsy?
That I can't buy one of everything I see! Really though, my only major issue right now is the forums; I miss the old boards!

4.  What does your studio/workspace look like?

I don't currently have a dedicated studio. We are hoping to rearrange our apartment so one bedroom can be an office that we share. I have dreams of baskets overflowing with yarn, a wall covered in inspiring photos and bits of ephemera. As of right now, my studio is wherever I can take two sticks and some string and turn it into something. That can be the living room, a craft show, on the city bus or nearly anywhere else.

5.  What do you do to relax?
Believe it or not, I knit to relax. I am constantly knitting. My relaxation knitting usually consists of something for myself or a loved one. I sometimes treat myself to luxury yarns (angora, anyone?) and take my time finding a pattern I love.

6.  What accomplishments are you the most proud of?
Finally getting my butt in gear and opening the shop! My boyfriend has been hugely encouraging in that department. This past year has been a year of new things for me. The shop was opened in March, I participated in a fashion show, I will be submitting some knitted items into an art show and I learned lots of new knitting skills.
7. What are some of your goals for the next year?
I definitely want to reach 50 sales. That's my low-balling goal, I would do backflips if I reached 100. In addition, I want to get my items into a couple more stores. I am currently in one local shop, and I am in contact with a couple others.

Knit, Nicole, Knit! (Nicole): knits and button earrings


Splendid Little Stars said...

Congratulations on opening your shop! It's lovely! Welcome to our team, Nicole! It's great to have you! I will look forward to seeing all your new creations fill your shop.

BeadedTail said...

Your work is beautiful Nicole! Welcome to our fabulous team! I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Memories for Life said...

Welcome to the team Nicole :)
I agree that crafting is relaxing! I just wish I could take my work where ever I go like you do...that's so cool!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Nicole! It's great to have you in our group;) I can relate to you about the knitting thing- during the fall/ winter that's all I want to do in the evenings after "work" until bed. Hopefully all of your etsy dreams will come true!

Linda B said...

Nicole, welcome to Etsy and to the team.

I bead to relax too.

storybeader said...

congrats on getting your shop open. I think having your items in a shop is a big thing... just getting out there is difficult for me. Welcome to the team {:-Deb

Rose Clearfield said...

Welcome to the team, Nicole! We're so happy that you're here. Congrats on opening your shop! That's a huge accomplishment. Best of luck with your goals for this next year.

Also, I have dedicated craft storage space and my supplies still manage to take over a lot of other places in the house. I don't think that most of us can help that!

Judy Nolan said...

Welcome to both the team and to Etsy, Nicole! I smiled when I read about your "studio" being wherever you can take your yarn. That's my "yarn studio," too, since I usually crochet in the evenings while my husband and I watch movies. That's wonderful that you're in a local shop--keep it up!