Monday, October 17, 2011

Artisan Spotlight -- A Bird in the Hand Art

 7 Questions is our spotlight on our favorite artisans. Please welcome...

Jenny, the creator of A Bird in the Hand Art!

Jenny & Clutch
1. What do you sell in your shop?
I make jewelry and home decor items. It's an eclectic mix, but everything is hand-painted or covered in fabric. I use a lot of birds in my work; I studied bird behavior in school and got hooked!

2. What is your favorite thing about etsy?
Looking at all the amazing pieces out there. There are so many amazing artists out there; I love looking at what people come up with.

3. What is your least favorite thing about etsy?
How many people are on it! I guess it's a double-edged sword. I love seeing all the different artists, but it's also easy to get lost in the crowd.

4. What does your studio/workspace look like?
I fixed up our second bedroom to be a work space for my craft business. I have a large table that is usually covered with paint and fabric scraps. Next to that table is a desk with my laptop. I can alternate between crafting and blogging.

5. What do you do to relax? 
My favorite fun activity is to get a cup of coffee and walk around a thrift store. There is one near my house that I go to about once a week. Other than that, I like watching movies with my husband and snuggling with my cat.

6. What accomplishments are you the most proud of?
I'm proud of taking the step to start a craft business. I studied biology and was always a huge school nerd. While in grad school, I realized it was really not the thing for me. I was terrified of leaving the world of science without a clear plan but I took the plunge. I had always loved art and dreamed of selling my work. I decided to go for it and it's been amazing. I'm still learning, but I'm loving every minute of it.

7. What are some of your goals for the next year?
I would like to keep refining my product. I have made lots of different pieces and I'm still experimenting with which pieces I will focus on. My ultimate goal is to sell enough to pay for my supplies. That way I can keep making more pieces!

Jenny Chang Artist, A Bird In The Hand Art


Splendid Little Stars said...

Jenny, it was fun to learn more about you! I used to be conflicted between science and art, so I totally relate. Now I'm at peace with it. You've taken your love of science and birds in particular and created art.
It's wonderful to have you for a teammate! It will be fun watching what you create!

storybeader said...

"selling enough to pay for supplies!" What a fabulous life! I want that too. Love all your birdies! {:-Deb

SarahBeth said...

Hi Jenny -- it was nice reading about you and learning a bit more about the 'inside' you! I think it's wonderful that you took the plunge to go from science to art -- I know it was scary! And, I absolutely love your wooden and cloth covered birds (especially Mr. Cardinal!)

Memories for Life said...

Great feature! I'm loving your bird ornaments!
And what great ways to relax :)

BoyGR said...

its so beautiful... keep active!

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Rose Clearfield said...

Great feature, Jenny! It's scary to take the plunge away from your academic degrees, but it can definitely be well worth it. I know that you'll reach your goal!

BeadedTail said...

I enjoyed learning more about you Jenny! I didn't know you were in grad school for science before. I love that you followed your heart into art! I also love how you relax! :)

Anonymous said...

Great post Jenny! Interesting that you studied science...that might inform the work that you make:)

Honey from the Bee said...

"Sell enough to pay for my supplies" ! Indeed! I bet you will, as I love your style and all those cute birds.

I'll be in trouble the day a thrift store ends up close to me. : )