Monday, August 29, 2016

This Week's Featured Blog Posts from Blogging Business Artisans Members

This last full week in August sees Blogging Business Artisans members blogging about the end of summer, the start of autumn, and more. Read posts about a day trip to a charming town in Germany, angel art, a vacation in Virginia, favorite cleaning products, the benefits of writing prompts, a birthday celebration, a new online class, Shooting Star Day, and getting ready for fall sales. Please comment on these posts as you stop by to visit.

In Day trip {Detmold}, Duni of Peridot by Duni takes us on a journey to the charming German town where she was born.

Sarah L. of A Cat-Like Curiosity , who loves angels, shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of her painting process in Insta-Art: An Angel with Orbs of Light.

In Vacation reminder, Linda B. of Linor Store Jewelry reminds us she will be on vacation in Virginia until after Labor Day.

Rose of randomcreative shares her favorite five cleaning products in My Favorite 5 Pinterest Cleaning Hacks.

Judy of Mister PenQuin describes the benefits that bloggers and other writers can gain in The power of writing prompts.

Photo by Jesse Wagstaff: ( via:
In Birthday Celebration! Sharla of Beaded Tail‘s cats, Angel and Isabella, help her celebrate her special day.

Natasha of MermaidsWhispers is excited to announce the Details on Journey to Abundant Self Love, her newest self-paced online class.

Last week Renée of Nouveau Niche celebrated Shooting Star Day with a new watercolor that corresponds nicely with the news in Announcements- Shooting Star Day & a Yay! that she will exhibit in the 53rd annual Space Coast Art Festival.

Pam of Magdalene Jewels tells us how she is getting ready for fall by revamping her Etsy shops in August Challenge.

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BeadedTail said...

Seeing my photo made me giggle! :) Thanks for another great weekly round up!

Pamela Baker said...

Love your Birthday photo! Who doesn't think back to those when girls had "real" birthday party's at home!!

Great Blogs from our talented writers. I have to go back to see if I missed any! Thanks as always for keeping us up to date on what our other Bloggers are up to!