Tuesday, July 5, 2016

This Week's Featured Blog Posts from Blogging Business Artisans Members

This week Blogging Business Artisans brings you posts from the past several weeks that you may have missed. Bookmark this post, kick back and enjoy some mid-summer reading that takes you to such topics as floral fabric lines, a painting transformation, a car show, staging your house for sale, a Christmas in July sale, giving yourself permission to fall behind, shaking up a blog, a cookie recipe, Native American beadwork, and a new watercolor painting.

Next week we’ll highlight some additional posts, also from the past several weeks, as this blog took a break last month.

Duni of Peridot by Duni describes her floral fabric lines, some of which are exclusive to her shop, in Coming up roses! Her post will make you feel as if you’re strolling through a lovely rose garden.

Sarah L. of A Cat-Like Curiosity transforms one painting into another in Insta-Art: Mama Earth. You can watch the interesting step-by-step transformation as it unfolds.

Edi of Memories for Life took her newly-painted, hot pink 1963 Rambler Wagon to Gladys’ First Car Show in early June. She sure does shine!

Paige of The Room Kit has some great tips for How to Stage Your House for Sale, as she and her husband recently put their own house up for sale.

Rose of randomcreative recently started a new blog in The start of roseclearfield.com. Her blog has a beautiful, clean look that you'll appreciate.

Linda B. of Linor Store Jewelry is running a fantastic Christmas in July Sale, with discounts of 10 to 40%, through July 10. You’ll want to check it out.

Judy of Mister PenQuin, who completed radiation treatments in late April and is recovering well, suggests you Give yourself permission to fall behind from time to time so that you can enjoy each day as it comes.

Sharla of Beaded Tail’s cats, Angel and Isabella, ask their fans in Mid Year Crisis . . . to help Sharla come up with new topics and questions to shake up her blog. Of course, they’re aren’t throwing a lot of energy into this plea at the moment.

Natasha of MermaidsWhispers (until recently known as Stalking the Wild Snark) encourages her husband to eat healthy foods for the most part, yet still indulges his sweet tooth with less sugary treats such as Bakery Style Oatmeal Granola Cookies Recipe. You’ll want to try these yummy cookies that also uses your last handful of granola.

Cynthia of Antiquity Travelers explains how she considers beading an art form that is connected to her love of history and culture in The Currency of Beads, a post that explores Native American beadwork.

Renée of Nouveau Niche recently introduced Flamingo II into her watercolor series, Wild Florida. You can see the rest of the series, plus other paintings, in the Art Prints & Reproductions section of her Web site.

If you enjoyed these posts, be sure to return to Blogging Business Artisans next week for another round of them!

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Natashalh said...

It's so great to see Rose back on the blogging scene with her new site! Great summer post round up. =)

BeadedTail said...

What a great round up! Thank you for including me! I agree with Natasha, great to see Rose back!