Tuesday, December 15, 2015

This Week's Featured Posts from Blogging Business Artisans

As we continue our countdown toward the holidays, Blogging Business Artisans members continue to share interesting and unique posts. They blog about Christmas tutorials for wreath-making and illustrating an angel, a standing desk accessory that keeps you in motion, the metaphysical properties of turquoise, a toddler Christmas tree you can make in a jiffy, free printable holiday gift tags, an Italian seafood salad recipe, and a time lapse video of a Tori Amos sketch. You’ll want to hop from post to post to read each one of these slices of life from the pages of our blogger/sellers.

Duni of Peridot by Duni walks us through the steps of creating a beautiful Simple Rustic Christmas Wreath in her well-illustrated tutorial.

Sarah L. of A Cat-Like Curiosity creates a lovely Christmas angel from start to finish in A Christmas Angel Just for You.

Paige of The Room Kit does her usually aching back a tremendous favor with a unique accessory called The Level: Your Standing Desk Buddy.

Linda B. of Linor Store Jewelry shares some of the metaphysical properties of turquoise—creativity, serenity and spiritual bonding—in her post, December Birthstone is Turquoise.

Jenny of The Painted Menagerie has a great idea for a Toddler Christmas Tree in her latest post.

Natasha of Stalking the Wild Snark offers her readers Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags, just in time for your gifts that need wrapping. Go directly to her post for the best image resolution.

Katrin of Katrinshine serves up an inviting Italian Seafood Salad Recipe, one of her favorite antipasto appetizers that you’ll have to try.

Renée of Nouveau Niche shares a time lapse Tori Amos sketch in Santa “Time Lapse.”

If you enjoyed these posts, be sure to return to Blogging Business Artisans next week for another round of posts!

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Natashalh said...

I can't believe how many posts great people have written during this super busy time of year! BBArtisans members are awesome. =)

Strange Party said...

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