Thursday, July 9, 2015

Florida-Bound This Summer!

Visiting Florida with its swaying palm trees this summer? Then you’ll want to remember your stay with a sunset Florida Travel Watercolor Illustration. As you stroll along the beach to collect seashells, you’ll wear matching red sandals and your favorite red-and-white Beaded Cuff Bracelet. Later, when you get back to the hotel, you spot a basket in the lobby, filled with a collection of cute prints that you can’t resist. You pick one up called Tree Love, and promise yourself you’ll find a tree just like it when you get home, where you can carve his and hers initials inside a heart. Before you leave Florida, you’ll visit every seaside shop you can to select special gifts to take back with you, beginning with a set of Blue Leather Flower Napkin Rings for your neighbor who fed your dog in your absence, a Sunset Boat Necklace for your best friend, and a set of Cloth Cocktail Napkins that are simply perfect for your next outdoor garden party.

Learn more about these special handmade keepsakes created by Blogging Business Artisans by clicking on any product photo, or click directly on the links below the photo collage.

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LanasArtStudio said...

Some time it can be too sunny or too hot here... but still I love my Florida's paradise in any day! Thank you Jody for sharing it!!!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Now that sounds like a lovely trip complete with great souvenirs!

pasqueflower said...

Great features!

Linda B said...

Sigh, I need a vacation.

SarahBeth said...

Fun selections! A Florida vacation would be nice right about now :)