Monday, May 25, 2015

This Week's Blogging Business Artisans' Member's Featured Blog Posts

This week our fabulous Blogging Business Artisans members have been busy on their blogs!

Paige saw some sunny weather and finally got to use her deck! Read all about it and see her fabulous styling at Celebrate Summer (Finally!). If her great decorating skills make you feel like your space is lacking, make sure to check out her shop The Room Store. She's literally a decorating pro.

Sarah L of A Cat Like Curiosity is back after a little blogging break and can get you up to speed with her post Calling all goddesses! Let's catch up a little. You'll want to check it out because, spoiler alert, there are cute kitties!

Duni of Peridot created a super cute outfit with fun embellishments you can read all about in her Outfit Post {Nautical Glamour}. There are great tips you can use to create your own glamorous top!

LeAnn of Pasque Flower Creations wrote her May book of the Month:  Blessed by Less post. The book is about simplifying life and it sounds like we could all learn something from reading it!

Rose of Randomcreative got inspired (and inspirational) and started keeping a sketchbook. Her adventures in keeping a sketchbook might make you decide to start, too!

Judy of MisterPenQuin frequently shares her creative process. You can tell how much care and attention to detail she puts into every one of her handmade books when you read posts like Creating a dimensional effect with your die cut embellishments.

Edi of Memories for Life also shared some of her creativity with a tutorial post New Art for the Studio. It's cute and functional, which is an amazing combination.

Art must be in the air this week because Jenny also created a piece for her wall! Her Initial Art post also has a tutorial and neat tips. She's a great artist, as you'll see if you visit her shop The Painted Menagerie.

Linda of Pruitt Supply decided it was time to get organized. You can see how she straightened up her stash in her post Sorting and Cleaning.

If you need more adorable animals in your life (and who doesn't?), make sure to look at a flashback post on Sharla of Beaded Tail's blog. Memorial Day Weekend Eve has sweet photos of a dearly departed sisfur.

And, lastly, if you need to get you eating back on track after a holiday weekend, take a look at Natasha of Stalking the Wild Snark's post on a healthy, tropical mango quinoa salad.

If you enjoyed these posts, be sure to return to Blogging Business Artisans next week for another round of posts!

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Judy Nolan said...

Enjoyed all of these posts, and am looking forward to next week's round!

BeadedTail said...

Lots of great posts! Thanks for the round up!

pasqueflower said...

Thanks for the shout out. Lots of great posts.

Abby / Linda said...

thanks so much! Lots of good posts here!

Natashalh said...

Everyone writes on such diverse topics! It's really cool to see.