Monday, January 27, 2014

January Plans for the New Year Link Party

We started 2013 with a "plans / goals for the new year" challenge and enjoyed it so much that we collectively decided to bring it back for January 2014!

This is what the team had to say about the goal: "Blog about your plans for 2014 and share them with the team. Tell us what you have in store for your Etsy shop as well as your personal life. Feel free to share photos of upcoming projects or just make a list of resolutions/goals."


Splendid Little Stars said...

ooops. didn't link up.

here's mine:
goals: 2014

pasqueflower said...

Oops! I did the post but forgot to link up.

Unknown said...

Last year we so enjoyed at best new year eve party nyc that now i am waiting for new year to come soon. It is the only day when my whole friends group used to be together. It was amazing day for me.