Saturday, November 5, 2011

Promotional Ideas - Twitter

I started writing this post to talk about the Twitter idea I had (tweeting one another's listings).  But I thought we should first look at all the neat ways we've thought up to promote our shops.  Here's a summary from our  "Promotional Ideas and Activities" thread:

1) linking themes from team blog to individual blogs
2) team blog series: "Past Post Party"; using Artful Rising "It's a Wrap" method of highlighting individual posts from our blogs
3) donations for team advertising
4) team blog polling involving teammates artwork (non-members in the future)
5) pinning on Pinterest
6) group and individual (holiday) giveaways
7) team treasuries
8) Etsy grant writing
9) team sale and/or using team coupon codes
10) BNR (Buy and Replace) Treasury
11) Twitter one another's listings
12) photos on Facebook

Some of the things we're already doing: 
#5) pinning on Pinterest (if you have a Pinterest URL, please list it in the comments below).
#7) team treasuries - they're really taking off !
#12) team Facebook page  
We now have over 20 Likes!  Enough to shorten our URL!
(update:  we are now  Thanks Rose!) 

So now, I'll talk about Twitter.  My idea was that if everyone tweet about one item from each other's shops, it will bring our artwork into the Twitter world, where people might not know us.   I know when I tweet about new items in my own shop, my hits increase.  So if you are so inclined, visit your teammates pages.  Pick a favorite item, a new listing, or a whole shop!  And tweet about it.  The possibilities are endless.  And it's so easy.

shop view
listing view

On every Etsy listing, there are clickable boxes.  I have three: Tweet, Like (to my Facebook page), and Send (an email).  On everyone's front shop page (where your announcements are), there are more clickable boxes.  Click one (or two, etc) and let's be recognized!


storybeader said...

yes (raises hand) the list maker. Thought I'd wrap up what we talked about on the Etsy thread.
if you want to come and follow me, my address is, I'm here: storybeader pinterest

Rose Clearfield said...

Thanks for putting everything into a single post, Deb! This will be such a great resource for our team. I promote a lot of team items on my blog on a regular basis. I will make more of an effort to promote them on Facebook and Twitter now, too. I'm looking forward to some of other team efforts as well!

Jenny said...

thanks for the recap. It's hard to be constantly promoting yourself so it will be nice to be able to help each other out on twitter.

i'm on pinterest. you can find me here:

Memories for Life said...

Great list Deb! I love it :)
I don't tweet, but I will start "liking" things for facebook :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

Thanks for organizing this list, Deb! I just got a twitter account and have already started tweeting other members' items! fun and easy!
I got the invite for Pinterest but haven't done anything with it yet.
The treasuries have been great! Right now, I'm liking the ones that have a few items from "non-members." this gives the items in the treasury broader exposure. --at least for now while we have few members.

BeadedTail said...

Thanks for this information Deb! I like how we are all working together to help each other promote! Love this team!

Kathleen said...

Great ideas - thanks for putting them all in one place. I can tweet a shop and/or item =) That will be fun to do! Wonderful to be a part of this team!

Anonymous said...

You know...I always seem to forget about those buttons already on etsy...d'ho!

Linda B said...

I forget about Pinterest, I'm

I'll have to make a new list for the team in my hootsuite, so I can retweet items. Can't go into Etsy during the day.