Friday, October 7, 2011

Memories for Life Scrapbooks -- Charter Member

Memories for Life Scrapbooks

My name is Edi and I am the creative mind behind Memories for Life Scrapbooks (and Laser Engraving). I've been paper crafting for about 15 years! I started making handmade greeting cards and quickly moved to scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is my passion and I love every step of the process!

I recently purchased a laser engraver and have been having tons of fun with it! My creativity never runs dry with this machine! I can work with so many mediums (wood, glass, chipboard, etc.) and the possibilities are endless! This machine has really opened up so many doors for me!

On the non-crafty side...I live with my boyfriend, Jesse, and our dog, Harley. These guys make up my little family. I work night shift in a factory making semi transmissions. (no joke!) I also have a B.S. in Business Management.

In my free time (what free time!) I enjoy air boating, riding my snowmobile, rock concerts and spending time with my family and friends.



Erika said...

I love your shop! I look forward to what you pass on from your 'learning!':)

storybeader said...

your shop is so varied, now that laser engraving has been added. There are so many neat things to look at! {:-D

Splendid Little Stars said...

I've loved watching you add more and more creative items to your wonderful shop! and reading your blog, too!

randomcreative said...

You work so hard, Edi! I hope that you'll be able to work part time and run your Etsy business part time sometime in the near future.

BeadedTail said...

I've always been a huge fan of your albums so it's fun seeing all your new creations too!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Awww...thanks ladies :) You put a big smile on my face!!!