Monday, September 26, 2016

This Week's Blogging Business Artisans Team Member Featured Blog Posts

This week the Blogging Business Artisans is welcoming a member's return to active blogging after a hiatus! Member blog posts also include tips for making a cookie cutter house more unique, a review of new sunglasses, thoughts on friendship, advice on improving your photography, life lately updates, an eclectic reading list, a class on how to make a Hawaiian-style ribbon lei, and more!

Linda P of Pruitt Supply is back after a blogging hiatus and ready to celebrate with a sale! Stop by Where'd the summer go? for a glimpse of what she's been up to.

Fall is coming to New York! Pam of Magdalene Jewels shared a lovely photo in Along the Hudson.

Eli of Memories for Life was busy last weekend with a triple birthday part and trip to the zoo! Stop by The Weekend to catch up on her life lately.

Duni of DuniStudio is looking as stylish as ever! Stop by Stylish Sunglasses from to see her latest shades and snag a discount!

Sarah L. of A Cat-Like Curiosity has such lovely vlogs! Stop by a curious art cast on friends and friendship for her thoughts on friendship as an adult.

Rose of Random Creative has fantastic advise in Photography 101: Never Stop Learning. Stop by for tips and resources on how you can keep improving your photography!

Judy of Mister PenQuin is a self-described "eclectic reader" who enjoys books and magazines, alike. Stop by Six good reads sitting on the coffee table to see what she's reading now and discuss what books you're currently enjoying!

Paige of The Room Kit shared some advice a lot of us can use in Adding Character to a Cookie Cutter House!

Sharla of Beaded Tail's was off on a trip, but her girls weren't neglected! Stop by Bestest Daddy Ever to see some spoiling in action.

Natasha of MermaidsWhispers published her first ever Skillshare class! Stop by How to Make a Spiral Ribbon Lei Is Live! To learn how to make this Hawaiian classic. 

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