Monthly challenges for 2014.

Challenges help us grow and stretch our imaginations.  They are also a requirement for being in the Etsy Blogging Business Artisans team.
Things you should know:

1) There will be 12 monthly challenges with a given theme. As part of the BBA, you are to participate in at least 4 challenges in the duration of the year and blog about your entry. 

2) One blog post must be submitted to the Team Blog linky about your Challenge between the 26th and the end of the month.  

3) No late submissions will be acceptable.

4) Feel free to put any project you create in your shop, and talk about the Challenge in your description!

January- Plans for the New Year
Blog about your plans for 2014 and share them with the team. Tell us what you have in store for your Etsy shop as well as your personal life. Feel free to share photos of upcoming projects or just make a list of resolutions/goals.

February- BeadedTail - Love
Love is celebrated this month so show us what you love! Whether it's time with family, spring around the corner, food or furbabies, create something that shows us what you love!

March - MisterPenQuin - Mad as a Hatter!
Lewis Carroll used the phrase "mad as a March hare" in Alice in Wonderland, suggesting unexpected behavior. Can you use this idea to produce a tangible item including unexpected elements? Or maybe you prefer to write about something completely ordinary in an unexpected way. Create a recipe using unexpected ingredients, or create an unexpected flavor. Use your imagination to create something unexpected from the ordinary during the month of March.

April- PeriDotbyDuni - Color Challenge
Create something, anything using a color you would rarely incorporate into your creations, i.e. I rarely use black :) It does not have to be seasonal or for your Etsy shop. Surprise yourself!

May- Oh Nostalgia - Graduation
This is the time of year for graduations and starting a new professional track. Create something related to working and/or graduating--whether it's a congratulations card, a new organizational item for your studio, or maybe just reflect on all the ways you want to kick your business into high gear for the second half of 2014. Resolutions don't just have to start in January!

June- Eyelah - Birthday Celebrations
This is my birthday month so write about your favorite birthday celebration of all time or the best birthday party you've ever attended or given or the best party you've ever attended, given, or received. pretty much any celebration that comes to mind. You can even write about what would be your ideal themed party.

July- Pasque Flower Creations - Christmas in July!
For the past two years, a bigger than expected Etsy holiday rush has caught me off guard and scrambling to keep up. So this year, I challenge myself and my BBA Teammates to start preparing earlier! Share a new item you plan to make for the holidays, a holiday promotion you are considering (or insights from a CIJ promo you've tried in the past), product packaging or gift wrapping ideas, shipping shortcuts, organizational tricks for managing the holiday rush -- OR just make a present for yourself or a friend that would also be a great holiday gift idea.